HDfx 360 Ultra Premium Lens Released. Tests on Smartphones Shown to Outperform DSLR’s!

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hdfx-360-phone-and-ipod-camera-lensTaking real pictures and videos with your phone is possible. You can capture every detail of the shot that you are taking with your phone. HDFX 360 gives you the ability to take the right real shots with ease. Irrespective of the phone that you have, you can capture the moment as it is with ease.

What is HDFX 360?

You are probably wondering, what is HDFX 360. HDFX 360 is a set of high performance lenses. It brings together three precision lenses such that they fit perfectly over the front of your smartphone camera to improve its capture. You get to have enhanced digital single lens reflect DSRL to the professional level such that you can take fashioned images with your phone. Attaching the lenses is easy. All you need to do is clip them directly aligned to your camera. You do not need to open your camera.

The set up involves three lenses for maximum optical clarity. These lenses include the fisheye lens that provides an ultra-wide panorama shot, the macro lens that gives extreme close up perfect shot, and the wide angle lens that will enable your phone to include all your friends in the shot. Even if your phone’s camera is good, with HDFX 360 it becomes better and more functional. It makes your phone the digital camera you would rather not carry even when you need it.


How it works

The product is German designed and we know German’s and their optics. The HDFX 360 works in a straight forward way anyone will understand. The set of lenses is attached to clip. The clip is soft and easy, it does not cause any damage to the phone. The clip is used to attach the lenses to the phone’s camera by latching on both sides of the smart phone to give it an unwavering grip. The clip will be attached on the surface of the phone depending on the location of the phone’s camera.

HDfx 360 package contentFeatures

  • Scratch resistant aspheric lenses that protects the lenses from dust and water
  • Records HD videos and life like photos
  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning kit with the quick fasten clip to hold it on the phone
  • Shoots all the focal lengths
  • Has 180 degree field of view with its fish eye lens
  • Magnification of up to 2x through optical zoom with macro lens
  • Auto focus up to 100% and auto stabilization for clearer capture


Why you should consider HDFX 360 for your phone

There are a myriad of reasons that justify your purchase of the product. Here are some unique features that combine to make the product ideal for you and your phone.

It is scratch resistant

When you buy an additional feature for your phone, it has to be better than what the smart phone offers. That is why the HDFX 360 is scratch resistant. You are assured that the lenses are protected from any physical damage. Moreover, dust and water are kept away with the lenses.

hdfx360-cellphone-lense-attached-changedYou get to have a free microfiber cleaning kit

The lens does not come in isolation. To ensure that you always get the shot that is closer to reality, the lens comes with a microfiber cleaning that helps you clean the delicate lenses. It also has a fastening clip included in the whole package.

HD videos and all focal length shots

In addition to the life like photos, you get to shoot high definition videos. You do not have to buy a new phone if it does not have these features. All you need to do is accessorize it with the HDFX 360 that enhances your experience with an all focal length shot as well.

180 degree field of view and 20x optical zoom

There is nothing better than an expanded view for your camera. However, most smart phones do not come with this. You can enjoy this experience with the HDFX 360 that has a fish eye lens. With a 20x optical zoom with macro lens, the performance of your smartphone is significantly improved from an ordinary phone camera.

100% auto focus and easy to install

images taken with hdfx360 on diffrent areas

It is important to note that this is the one piece of accessory that you can work with for any smartphone and appreciate the experience. As you interchange your phones, you can keep the HDFX 360 for you next smartphone. You can enjoy the 100% auto focus and the auto stabilization compatible feature that makes taking shots easy and professional. Moreover, you never get to miss the target because you can easily install the accessory at an instant and capture the moment before it goes. All you need is to clip it.

hdfx 360 comparison table

Has HDFX 360 won an Award?

HDFX 360 has advertised itself as an award winning lens bagging “Global Photography Association“, “CMA Award from the Consumer Mobile” and the” International Photo Lens Association Awards”. You can find out more about HDFX 360 through the video on the link http://hdfx360phonelens.com/video-presentation and have a better glimpse of what the product offers and how to use it.

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dslr camera vs hdfx360 comparison
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